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Dotgraf is a growing Digital Agency with its studio in Porto/ Portugal. We specialize in creating and developing innovative interactive and graphic design for business companies, with our development and design team head offices in Porto


We work developing a partnership with our clients, focusing on their needs also keeping an eye on their vision for the project. We stand solid sharing our creative and technological know-how, providing our clients with the best design solutions
We love design processes that allow us to create and experiment and while never letting aside creativity, we focus on dedication and efficiency. We communicate our ideas clearly, understanding our clients' needs, working to deliver them world class design
It is where we have our main offices and design studio. In Porto we take advantage of the inspiring architecture and design that one can experience all over the town. With Porto Fine Arts, ESAD and Soares dos Reis Design schools as creative foundations, it is also where our design team is based

Webdesign Porto; Webdesign Famalicão


Fergotex new website was designed and developed with the solely purpose to make the company shine on   (...)

Angola Green’s Site

Webdesign Porto

Angola Green new website was developed by Dotgraf with a marketing strategy aimed for very (...)

Angola Green’s Brand

Angola Green is a brand new project for Angola's environment, a new company that provides solutions for (...)

Catharanthus Lab

Webdesign Porto

Catharanthus Lab is a laboratory created and managed by scientist Mariana Sottomayor at the Porto's University (...)


Promedwork is a successful SME that has the official representation of surgical equipment brands for ophthalmology (...)


Webdesign Porto

Ideyarte It's a company dedicated exclusively to design and creation of wedding, baptism (...)


Webdesign Porto

Planytool is a startup that develops icon systems for organizing the working day with Microsoft's OneNote (...)


Webdesign Porto

100 Contos It's a coffee shop, guest house and art gallery in the tourist center (...)


Webdesign Porto

Namuno Gold & Gems it's an innovative project in the extracting precious stones field in Mozambique. The (...)
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